Editorial Policy

Finchley Now aims to deliver local news and events in a short alternate-day newsletter at 0630.

Our editorial policy and guidelines may develop over time.

These are the guidelines on 13 November 2023.

We are:

  • Curious – we sift through all those websites so you don’t have to 
  • Engaging – we’re your helpful Finchley friend 
  • Finchley-lovers first and foremost
  • Speedy and responsive – we know you’re busy, we keep it brief and respond quickly 
  • Transparent, impartial and fair


Our content:

  • We aim to deliver hyper-local news and events happening in all the Finchleys – North, East, West and Central
  • We prioritise positive, community-based news and events
  • We aim to use multiple sources for lead and second stories to ensure that content is accurate
  • We do not cover crime or bad news
  • We are apolitical. 
  • We share factual news updates in the context of local news
  • In the context of local or national elections, we will share hustings and other information equitably from all the parties. 

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