5 Finchley Dog-Friendly Dining Delights

As our furry friends become ever more integral to our families, local eateries have responded with open doors and wag-worthy menus.

You no longer need to worry about leaving your favourite family member at home.

Here, are 5 dog-friendly locales where you and your canine companion can dine in style.

1: Romeo & Juliet’s, N2

Romeo & Juliet’s redefines the term “pet-friendly” by offering a dedicated dog menu that caters to the culinary needs of your canine.

Here, every dish for your dog is crafted with the same love and quality ingredients you’d expect from your meal.

Their menu ranges from hearty starters to delectable desserts.

2: Bluebelles, N3

With a warm welcome to all doggy diners, Bluebelles asks only that your pet remains by your side and hydrates outside.

This café’s laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect pit stop for you and your four-legged friend after a walk in the area.

3: The Old White Lion, N2

Over in East Finchley, The Old White Lion welcomes dogs and caters to them with dog-friendly water bowls.

They’re one of the few places that don’t discriminate by size—large dogs are just as welcome as the little ones.

4: The Wells Tavern, NW3

Hampstead is known for its dog-friendly hospitality, and The Wells Tavern stands out with its jars of treats and ever-present water bowls.

5: Gaucho Grill.

For something a little more upscale, the Gaucho Grill offers a monthly doggy lunch that is nothing short of extravagant.

From homemade dog-friendly empanadas to goody bags filled with toys and treats, your dog will enjoy a level of pampering that rivals many human dining experiences.

So next time you’re planning a meal out, consider visiting one of these dog-friendly delights.🐕

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